Nubian M.O.B.Nubian M.O.B. (which means “Musically Organized Brothers”) was a hip-hop\contemporary R&B trio from the ’90s that consisted of lead vocalist Icewater, rapper & dancer Set Up and DJ Flamboyant.

According to Icewater, their name means “black mass” which refers to all sisters and brothers of color coming together under one mass.
Nubian M.O.B. albumIn 1992, they released their self-titled debut (and only) album on the Cold Chillin’ record label. It’s unknown how or if the album charted, but it was entirely produced by Daddy-O (from hip-hop group Stetsasonic).

The two singles released from the album “Hey Y’all (The M.O.B.’s All Here)” and “Farway to Go” failed to chart at all.

After that, it seems as if the Nubian M.O.B. have faded into obscurity. These days, Icewater has been doing radio shows and working on solo music.

As for Set Up and DJ Flamboyant, it’s unknown what they’re up to these days. Nothing much has been heard from them since the ’90s.

To see the music video for “Farway to Go,” go to: